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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Yoof Doesn't Know How To Use A Bin

A hint for you, fool... you put the litter INSIDE the bin, not on top of it. I swear to god, it's about 50/50 how many people actually use this bin right.

1. Twit dumps energy drink can on top of the bin

2. Old timer opens the bin, can falls down the back and onto the street. Hmmm.

Yeah, I know... it's a bit of a lame posting, but it's been a quiet week so far. Things will possibly heat up towards then end of the week when the bin gets full.


Rosy said...

I find your BinCam Blog rather interesting watching people who is very un-aware at being watched, now if only their mother could seen them.

Or worse yet, their boss.

By some chance has anyone ever looked up and discovered that they been tagged by your camera?

My first visit to your blog.

Thank you for sharing this.

Will said...

Hi Rosy, thank you for taking the time to comment. The BinCam camera is fairly small and discrete, though not intentionally so. In fact it is just a small webcam on the end of a stick poking out of my window ledge. Nobody ever looks up though.

There's a shop around the corner and some of the staff come to smoke near the bin sometimes. There was one time when one of them looked up towards the camera, but I can't be sure he was looking at it. Rest assured, if anybody does spot the camera then I'll post a pic. Cheers!