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Friday, 7 October 2011

Bin Emptied Friday 7th October - UPDATED

Every Friday, about half an hour before my alarm clock goes off I get woken up by the binmen emptying the bin into their lorry. Naturally, the first thing I do before I settle into a nice, half-hour snooze is to check BinCam on my phone. I was keen today to see how much of the crud around the bin they'd take away since we were at BINCON 4.

Seems like they take away anything that's bagged up, which to be fair is most likely exactly what they are instructed to do. In fact, I'd hazard a guess that they are going above and beyond the call of duty in taking away little shopping bags of rubbish and not just black bin-liner type bags.

So, they left the roadsign that the workmen from yesterday neglected to take away. They left the box fly-tipped by the Night Plonker. They left the DIY rubbish which was originally left in a neat pile, but which through entropy has degraded into a jumbled mess... and last but by no means least, they left the pink flipper!

Obviously people shouldn't fly tip this junk around the bin, that's clearly wrong... but I think the council are failing us a little too. The council will take away bags, empty the bin and they will sweep up around the street. That's great. What is missing though is for the council to take away the fly-tipped junk that shouldn't have been dumped there in the first place. I'd suggest that the binmen or street sweepers should be tasked with reporting it to whatever part of their department deals with fly tipping as part of their brief. West Hampstead shouldn't have to rely on kind hearted souls like the Bingilante (whom we shall forever salute) to clean up the streets.

So binfans, we start the binweek on BINCON 2. I have to say that I'm truly grateful that Camden never seemed to take part in the two week collection thing.

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