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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


One thing BinCam sees quite a bit of is people raking in the bins for things of value. I don't post videos of this because it's usually the same two old-timer blokes that do it and they seem harmless. They don't mess up the bin and don't seem to be looking for documents, so they aren't fraudsters or anything.

There's a BinPoll near the bottom of the right hand menu asking if it is acceptable to rake around in bins. I think it is - if what one person considers rubbish is useful for somebody else then they might as well have it. Some people might have an expectation of privacy with what they throw out though. Please vote - and leave comments if you feel strongly!

Anyway, be aware that people can and will go through what you throw out. So ensure you shred bank statements and the like to prevent identity fraud.

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