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Friday, 30 September 2011

Woman Falls Over Outside BinCam HQ

I've been struggling with myself about whether or not to post this one. This poor lady falls over and gets helped up by some passers by. Look at the top right hand side of the video. Maximise to full window for best viewing.

In the end I decided to post it. I reccon the balding bloke with the Tesco bag had some hand in it - he surveys the damage then slinks away, seemingly :-)

Was it wrong to post the clip of this unfortunate woman? I'm opening up a poll to see what you think, binfans. Please vote in the poll in lower part of the right hand menu. The results of this poll will have a strong bearing on what gets posted to BinCam in the future, so if you have an opinion, please don't hold back.

Bin Emptied Friday 30th September

Whoah there - be careful with the bin, guys!

Drunk Numpty Litters Plastic Bag Of Junk Food

1. A drunk plonker gets out of a taxi and just drops his half-eaten fried chicken and chips booze-munchies-feast on the ground without a care in the world.

2. So many people who walked past it and did nothing, but one man stands out for his honourable behaviour when he puts the litter in the bin. As ever, we salute you for your good deed, bin hero.

Most likely the drunk idiot was going to the ATM across the road to get cash for his taxi. What you can't see just off the camera is that he dumped his can of coke on top of the parking meter too. How do I know it was take-away chicken and a can of coke? I saw the aftermath in the morning on the way to work. Gutted I forgot to take a photo for you, binfans. I would have put it in the bin myself, but I was curious to see what would happen to it. And how do I know he was a drunk idiot? Only a drunk idiot would eat that cheapo fried chicken junk.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

One More Day Before Bin Is Emptied

The bin will be emptied on Friday morning, but it's already pretty full. Will we manage to stay at BINCON 5 for the last day, or will the neighbourhood clowns turn nasty and start fly-tipping rubbish all over the place? Stay tuned to find out...

Council Bloke Cleans Up The Street

Nice work. Hasten ye back sir, hasten ye back.

Morning Coffee Nightmare

For some reason a bunch of idiots decided to leave their coffee cups on top of the bin today. No, not in the bin... on the bin. Of course, as readers of this blog will be fully aware, leaving something on top of a bin has only two possible outcomes: 1. it falls onto the street and messes up the place or 2. a bin hero will come along and put it in the bin - like the bird-brained twit who left it there should have done in the first place.

1. Bloke sneaks in from the side and places coffee cup number one on the bin.

2. Some smoker lady gets in on the action.

3. Unbelievably some other lady does the same thing.

4. This story has a happy ending when a bin hero decides things are getting out of hand and takes remedial action. We salute you, bin hero.

Weird that in all of BinCam's existence nobody has put a coffee cup on top of the bin and all of a sudden three people do it on the same day. I guess that it's some kind of learned behaviour, where the people see the first coffee cup sitting there and assume it's OK to leave theirs too. It's far from OK, however, so let's hope we don't see any more of this.

Yoof Doesn't Know How To Use A Bin

A hint for you, fool... you put the litter INSIDE the bin, not on top of it. I swear to god, it's about 50/50 how many people actually use this bin right.

1. Twit dumps energy drink can on top of the bin

2. Old timer opens the bin, can falls down the back and onto the street. Hmmm.

Yeah, I know... it's a bit of a lame posting, but it's been a quiet week so far. Things will possibly heat up towards then end of the week when the bin gets full.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Git Dumps A Couple Of Boxes OUTSIDE The Bin

What is it with these people? Dude, you were standing right next to the bin... how much extra effort is it to just open the bin and place the boxes INSIDE? If you don't, somebody else will have to - or it will clutter up the street. What does the inside of your house look like? Plonker... you're going straight in the hall of shame.

The aftermath.

Car Seat Recycled

1. Dude annoyingly dumps a car seat OUTSIDE the bin.

2. Another bloke takes the car seat. Fair enough... better than it cluttering up the pavement.

Spider Invades BinCam HQ

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Image auto-updating

The live webcam image now updates in your browser every minute, so there's no longer any need to keep refreshing the page folks.

Juice Box Present

Too lazy to put it in the bin, this dude puts it on the bin.

Fixed the outside light

It's one of these motion detecting lamps, so BinCam should be able to get decent pics of the night cretins now :)

Another guy taking a pee, Jesus

OK, another bloke taking a leek. This isn't really what BinCam is about, but this chap was so blatant about it, he was practically begging to have his vid posted. You can just see the green corner of the bin at the bottom of the screen.

If you pee next to a bin, nobody can see you, right?

TV Box Guy Reported :)

OK, I'm not 100% certain, but it looks like we've got a minor bin hero. Looks like this guy gets annoyed that the bin is full, spots the TV box cleaned up earlier by this other hero and fly-tipped originally by this plonker. Seems to me like in the latter part of the clip he calls the council to report the guy from the delivery address on the box and to request that they empty the bin.

1. Guy spots the full bin and calls somebody with details about the TV box. For bonus entertainment, you can see the guy who was complaining to the traffic warden earlier coming back to take a pic of the parking times sign.

2. Council come back later in the day to pick up the full bin. They never usually empty the bin twice in a week, never mind twice in a day, so I'm pretty sure it's must have been the guy calling the council in the last vid. Thank you, nice man.

Bin Hero

This guy is a legend. A true local hero.

1. The guy walks past the bin with his wife and they talk about the rubbish. Probably they are just generally moaning, but there is a chance she is the nappy bag culprit mentioned in a previous post and he's giving her a hard time for not dumping the bag properly. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume they are just grumbling to each other.

2. Our hero borrows a shovel from the workmen across the street and cleans up the whole mess, including the TV box this this plonker dumped previously. The workman from across the street mucks in with the true blitz spirit and helps sweep up the mess. I tip my hat to these guys - fantastic work. Wish there were more like you.

Bonus entertainment - there is a guy in the background obviously complaining to a traffic warden about his ticket. There are swarms of traffic wardens in West Hampstead.

Bin Emptied Friday Morning

Night Dumper

22/09/2011 Some guy speed walks up to the bin and dumps a bag on the far side.

Dodgy Characters

OK, I can't say for sure what these guys are up to, but it is super-dodgy. I don't really mind what they are up to, but I DO mind that they dumped rubbish all over the street trying to find some plastic bags to use.

1. Making a mess finding plastic bags

2. OK, this is where it gets dodgy. He stashes something behind the bin.

3.  Really don't know what's going on here - but it's dodgy as hell. He retrieves the bag anyway.

Amazing the stuff that goes on on BinCam.


 22/09/2011 - If you dump it near a bin it's OK, right?

Morning Dump

 22/09/2011 - Guy dumps a plastic bag full of rubbish in the morning. Unfortunately the council won't pick it up, so it'll just sit there until somebody disposes of it properly. Sorry mate, but you should think about what you're doing.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hall Of Shame Added

Added a hall of shame photo album in the right hand column of the site. Check it out! Some real twits in there. Sorry about the poor quality of the night-time photos folks.

You Spoke. BinCam Listened (a bit)

Some really good suggestions received for BinCam. Amongst them:
  • Make the current BINCON level more prominent
  • Night vision for BinCam to catch the night cretins
  • Improved lighting / proximity lighting
  • High res wireless network camrea
All fantastic suggestions. Going to look into proximity lighting ASAP. BINCON level now displayed as an image at the top of the RHS menu. A high res wireless network camera might be overkill, but will surely be investigated. Thanks for the suggestions folks, keep 'em coming.

BinCam. First Blood

BinCam already proving its worth. Last night BinCam spotted a bloke dumping a pram and a bloke taking a leek on the bin. Too bad the nightshots are poor quality... might have to do something about that. Got a good shot of some twit fly-dumping a TV box too. Although the bloke relieving himself doesn't really lend itself to being suitable for BinCam, it was deemed amusing enough to be worthy of inclusion. See the all-new Hall Of Shame in the side menu for the pics.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Missed it

Due to teething problems BinCam missed whatever disgusting git dumped the black bag with nappies spilling out of it. It was dumped behind the bin sometime between midnight and half eight this morning. If it's not in the bin, the council won't pick it up, so it'll sit there until somebody sorts it out. I'm sick of doing it, so it won't be me. Let's see how long it's there for. I'm having various issues with the webcam, so haven't got 24 hour coverage yet. Whoever dumped it got lucky this time around... next time they will be going straight in the hall of shame. A bag with nappies spewing out of it was fly-tipped last week too, so no doubt I'll catch this cretin next week when they do it again.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

BinCam up and running

BinCam, West Hampstead is now operational. Bringing you news and updates from one of London's most poorly kept bins.