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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Dodgy Characters

OK, I can't say for sure what these guys are up to, but it is super-dodgy. I don't really mind what they are up to, but I DO mind that they dumped rubbish all over the street trying to find some plastic bags to use.

1. Making a mess finding plastic bags

2. OK, this is where it gets dodgy. He stashes something behind the bin.

3.  Really don't know what's going on here - but it's dodgy as hell. He retrieves the bag anyway.

Amazing the stuff that goes on on BinCam.


ethereal4net said...

Better than movies! :)

Will said...

lol, indeed! Glad you like it :)

bombaycat said...

Really really peculiar, it's either drugs or money or the remnants of stolen stuff that they are trying to dump. Who is the guy that challenges the woman and takes the jacket?/bag off her? Very peculiar - but definitely not up to any good. Maybe we've missed our calling we could work in a police cctv camera centre trying to spot crime.....