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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Bin Hero

This guy is a legend. A true local hero.

1. The guy walks past the bin with his wife and they talk about the rubbish. Probably they are just generally moaning, but there is a chance she is the nappy bag culprit mentioned in a previous post and he's giving her a hard time for not dumping the bag properly. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume they are just grumbling to each other.

2. Our hero borrows a shovel from the workmen across the street and cleans up the whole mess, including the TV box this this plonker dumped previously. The workman from across the street mucks in with the true blitz spirit and helps sweep up the mess. I tip my hat to these guys - fantastic work. Wish there were more like you.

Bonus entertainment - there is a guy in the background obviously complaining to a traffic warden about his ticket. There are swarms of traffic wardens in West Hampstead.

1 comment:

Lynsioux said...

Oh, man, that was awesome, a whole silent movie. i love that bin hero, and the kid is gonna grow up knowing right from wrong.