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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Morning Coffee Nightmare

For some reason a bunch of idiots decided to leave their coffee cups on top of the bin today. No, not in the bin... on the bin. Of course, as readers of this blog will be fully aware, leaving something on top of a bin has only two possible outcomes: 1. it falls onto the street and messes up the place or 2. a bin hero will come along and put it in the bin - like the bird-brained twit who left it there should have done in the first place.

1. Bloke sneaks in from the side and places coffee cup number one on the bin.

2. Some smoker lady gets in on the action.

3. Unbelievably some other lady does the same thing.

4. This story has a happy ending when a bin hero decides things are getting out of hand and takes remedial action. We salute you, bin hero.

Weird that in all of BinCam's existence nobody has put a coffee cup on top of the bin and all of a sudden three people do it on the same day. I guess that it's some kind of learned behaviour, where the people see the first coffee cup sitting there and assume it's OK to leave theirs too. It's far from OK, however, so let's hope we don't see any more of this.

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bombaycat said...

Clearly people with small brains prefer to copy the behaviour of other small brained people! Perhaps its something like the insanity of crowds maybe there's a Law of Bin Proximity of Deposit that we can derive. Or maybe you could put some of my changes into SVN for me tomorrow I prefer to just drop them close but not in SVN - tee hee ;-)